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With more than a decade of experience, PED is a strong strategic partner for creative and fast-growing businesses that want to build powerful brands, communicate effectively, build breathtaking products, and attract the right customers.

As a design agency, we offer creative and software development services to help our clients create distinctive, unforgettable experiences for their clients and partners. We construct the most suitable visual and verbal representation of a brand's personality to help improve internal culture and external messaging.

We share your admiration for your brand. No matter how big or small the project is, we happily give it our all to deliver the most pleasing results.

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Brand Identity

"Brand" is what your customers say it is. We help you shape your brand's perception within your audience and build deeper connections with them.


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What made us strong


With our roots in Africa, PED Studios is an international brand with global reach.

Knowledge creates opportunities, so we've devoted ourselves to training and mentoring aspiring strategists, developers, and designers.

We are always providing training.

Participants can include people from less privileged backgrounds, interns, young employees, or anybody who signs up for a free skill-acquisition program.

Our team takes great delight in the opportunity to mentor young, aspiring creatives and in providing them with the knowledge and tools necessary to realize their full potential.

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